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Why mass marketing will not work on Gen Z – it’s all about subcultures

14.3 million Gen Z users. The subcultures in this category are streetwear gamers and gamer girls – think a mishmash of MTV, esports, fashion and music cultures, whereas the gamer girls are fueled by inclusion and lifestyle. The groups have a median age between 20 and 21. “The brand could build community and fandom by launching a female-focused esports team with anime-inspired apparel and co-branded content channels on YouTube or TikTok that mirror the visually stimulating social media experiences this audience seeks,” said Matt Higgins, vp of strategy at Blue Hour Studios.

Entertainment: Within this sector, the study calls these communities horror healers and poetic connectors that add up to a potential audience of 25.5 million – the largest of all five. The so-called horror healers are influenced by dystopian ideas and true crime as a form of “therapeutic escape,” the study noted. Poetic connectors are into content on healing, personal struggles and collaboration.

Education: Scientific “edutainers” and adult-ing hackers have a potential audience of 24.4 million, according to the study. The adult-ing hackers group likes DIY and other self-learning beyond traditional schooling, favoring tech tools, life hacks and practical advice. Scientific edutainers take lab experiments out of the classroom and onto social media, connecting with people on how things work and making that entertaining.

Fashion: There are three subcultures in this sector totaling an estimated audience of 16.1 million: maximalists, real-time fashionistas and up-thrifters. These Gen Z communities like self-expression, bold trends, viral stylists on TikTok, sustainability and DIY fashion.

Beauty: Three subcultures make up this 11.5 million audience – cursed cosplayers, beauty ASMR-tists and cover boys. They like trends including fantasy and makeup art, funky dressup, sensory experiences and men’s grooming focused on redefining masculinity.

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