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Snapchat, Introducing Brand Profiles

Last year Snapchat launched “Public Profiles” for Creators and Shows to give key partners a unique identity and home for permanent content that’s differentiated from your real friends on the app. Today, they are excited to extend profiles to businesses with the closed beta launch of Brand Profiles.

Brand Profiles offer a permanent home for brands on Snapchat, built around their unique investments in the app – starting with AR Lenses, native commerce stores, and content highlights. Brand Profiles bring these various brand experiences for Snapchatters together into a single home on our service. With 229 million Snapchatters using the app daily, this real estate for our partners is especially important in a world where our millennial and Gen Z audiences can be hard to reach and build deep, authentic relationships with on many platforms.

Four main components of a Brand Profile:

  • AR Lenses: Brands can save and showcase Lenses on their profile, allowing any Snapchatter to discover and/or revisit a brand’s unique AR experiences. These Lenses will be discoverable through both Snapchat Search and Lens Explorer. 

  • Native Store: Profiles may include a Native Store experience that enables Snapchatters to seamlessly browse and purchase items directly within the Snapchat app powered by Shopify. (Checkout the Spectacles Brand Profile to see the native store experience.) 

  • Highlights: With Highlights, brands can showcase collections of their best Public Snaps, Stories, photos, and videos right on their profile — permanently! This is the best way for Snapchatters who aren’t familiar with a brand to get to know who they are. 

  • Story posts: With their Public Story, brands can share what’s happening in their world with Snapchatters everywhere -- from behind the scenes to daily activities -- your Story is your daily point of view.

Brands will also have access to mobile and web management tools to help them collaborate with team members, manage content, and review analytics. Similar to Public Profiles, brands can now see audience demographics and interests for those who view their Stories

Starting today and over the coming months Snapchatters can discover and subscribe to some of the world’s largest brands, including: Ben & Jerry’s, Candy Crush, Dior, Gucci, Headspace, Jordan Brand, Kylie Cosmetics, L’Oreal Paris, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Target, Tim Hortons, Too Faced, Universal Pictures, and VSCO.

We plan to open our platform for more businesses later this year. We're building toward a future where the Snapchat community can engage with businesses of all sizes across the variety of products on our service.

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