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Marketing During an Economic Slump

Often, tragedy will spark triumph, if given the right tools to move forward. For small businesses, law firms, and the like, the same applies following an economic slump. Whether a global pandemic has left your business rattled, or you fear that your services will not be practical with so many out of work, you may look to cutting marketing during these difficult times. If there is one thing we can guarantee, cutting your marketing down to nothing will not do you any favors. However, there are some things you can do to cut costs while still marketing during an economic slump.

Change Your Messaging During an Economic Slump

I know, I know, we’re all tired of the “new normal” and “uneasy times” being blasted all over social media. But there’s a good reason why businesses were doing it, and some still are. Let’s say you’re a family law attorney and you specialize in divorce. At the start of the pandemic, you may have had some clients in the wings who were looking to split, but social distancing mandates made it nearly impossible to step inside your office, let alone into a courtroom.

So you adapted, right? You started using Zoom to meet with clients. You utilized text messages to convey quick thoughts you needed your team to be in the loop on. But, maybe you never shared that information with new clients. What can you do? Blast that on Facebook!

People don’t necessarily want to know all you do, but they do want to know that you are available, even in the most uneasy times.

In addition to sharing how you’ve become available in the most socially isolating moment many of us have ever experienced, you need to be resourceful. Maybe you just share links to helpful resources to families. Or maybe you find out a way you can save clients money while still getting the services they need.

It’s all about adapting your messaging. It doesn’t require a billboard. No fancy TV commercial. Just a quick post on social media, maybe an email blast to current clients. Using what you know and what you have will be more effective when marketing during an economic downturn than you think.

Spend More Time on Organic Traffic

Let’s say you were forced to close your doors but now, you’re only open part-time. With this extra time in your day, you should be working on ways to build your organic traffic. I’m talking getting out on social media making videos. I’m thinking blog posts on how you’re navigating these uneasy times. Or offer educational resources like:

  • Links to child-friendly websites that get the kids active and their attention turned from Netflix.

  • Ways you’ve been working to keep your services up while keeping costs for customers down.

  • Share how you’ve been able to keep your employees working and paid during this downturn.

People want stories and they want to feel good. Let’s face it, the economy is a little rocky right now, but, when you shed some light on a subject, provide resources they may not know about, or simply show a side of you your current clientele may be unfamiliar with, you’ll be shocked that you didn’t have to spend a dime, but were able to keep engagement up.

Remain Calm, Even in an Economic Slump

For many of us, this isn’t our first economic-downturn-rodeo. And, unfortunately, it won’t be the last. However, being aware of the emergency marketing strategies you can follow with little to no cost may be the difference between shutting down or rising above.

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